Fundacion Amazonia is a Bolivian-based non-profit organization. We champion ecologically sound solutions for economic & social development

Right Relationships

Illuminating a path toward living in balance with all forms of life. We are all interconnected.

Community-based Ecotourism

Promoting community-based tourism initiatives such as fishing, canoe rides, and guided nature hikes in the Aquicana Nature Reserve

Environmental Sanitation

Developing programatic processes for waste disposal, while ensuring access to safe drinking water and public health services


Education & Scholarships

Assisting talented and qualified Bolivians pursue higher education

Regenerative Agriculture

Combining traditional argicultural practices with permaculture techniques and reformation projects

Walk the Path

The world needs the Amazon Rainforest...

We need partners to ensure her protection. Join our alliance and help us seek permanent protection for threatened areas, animals, and vulerable populations of the Amazon. Help us conserve more land, expand our reforestation & permaculture initiatives, build new composting latrines, and send more qualified students to university.

Aquicana Reserve

Special Alliances

Research & Volunteer Opportunities